ZiL 5301 (Flatbed) 3d model
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ZiL 5301 (Flatbed)

ZiL 5301 (Flatbed)

by TurboSquid
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ZIL-5301 'Bychok' ('Little bull') is a Russian light-duty truck manufactured by the ZiL. Serially produced in 1995-2014. The first prototypes appeared in 1991. The resulting vehicle consisted of a combination of already existing and purchased parts, such as a chassis of a Mercedes-Benz T 2, a cabin of a ZIL-4331 and a transmission of the truck ZIL-130.


Model have 9 different textures:
Chasis and metal details (1024*1024);
Cabin (blue) or Cabin (rustic) (2048*2048);
Interior (2048*2048);
Lights (1024*1024);
Windows (512*512);
White wheels (1024*1024) or black wheels (1024*1024);
Engine (1024*1024);
Flatbed (1024*1024);
Tent (Blue) (2048*2048) or Tent with ad (2048*2048)

Model without wheels = 119 158 tris.

.max (version 2009),
.fbx (version 2009),
.bip (Keyshot 5)