Worker A3 LOD3 Rigged 3d model
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Worker A3 LOD3 Rigged

Worker A3 LOD3 Rigged

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Model of a Rigged Worker.
Rendered in Default scanline.

Rigged With Biped

Standard materials are used and it's suitable for all kind of renderings.

Texture for body is 4096x4096.
Texture for head is 2048x2048.

Normal textures included for most elements.

Model is built in real world scale.
Height of worker is 185cm or 6'2''.

There are 8 objects in the scene.
Man, Helmet, Tool belt, Pilers, Hammer, Vest,
Screw driver and Wrench.

Man = 12741
Helmet = 301
Tool belt = 1082
Hammer = 138
Pilers = 157
Vest = 1849
Screw driver = 103
Wrench = 186

Lights included in the scene and model is ready to render as you see in presentation.