"Ugly" Stick plane (works with my 1133mm wing Design) by tfrancis 3d model
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"Ugly" Stick plane (works with my 1133mm wing Design) by tfrancis

"Ugly" Stick plane (works with my 1133mm wing Design) by tfrancis

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NEW Complete Aircraft https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2337232
This is my version of the classic "ugly" stick RC planes.
This plane uses the wing I designed and previously posted as http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2078106
I have NOT printed the complete aircraft at this time, only test prints.
I set it to print at 100% infill, one perimeter (2 perimeters may print better), 2 top & bottom layers & with supports for the main fuselage parts. The flat tail surfaces (elevator & rudder components) and the hatch doors should print well with 50 to 75% honeycomb infill (possibly less). These settings seem to work well with a .35mm tip on my prusa I3 with PLA.
Assembly is done using 10 - 25mm long 2mm joiner pins and is glued using medium CA glue
The control surfaces on the tail are hinged using starndard CA hinged. The elevator sections are joined with 2mm pins and CA glue. The hatch (nose) and battery door are hinged simply with tape or can be hinged using Dubro hidden hinges.
This plane is designed to use this motor https://hobbyking.com/en_us/d2826-6-2200kv-outrunner-motor.html or similar with a 7X5 prop, a 35A or better esc, and a 2200 to 2800mAh 3cell 30C battery. Servos used are Tower Pro MG90S