Troglodyte Pack 3d model
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Troglodyte Pack

Troglodyte Pack

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 4 months, 2 weeks ago
Troglodyte pack with animated characters, sceneries and weapons.

This pack contains:

Trog villager: 1890 triangles (animated)
Trog Warrior A: 2546 triangles (animated)
Trog Warrior B: 2514 triangles (animated)
Trog Chaman: 2604 triangles (animated)
Trog Chief: 3486 triangles (animated)
TrogBox: 152 triangles (animated)
HangedFish: 1000 triangles
TrogThrone: 252 triangles
TrogAxe: 198 triangles
TrogChiefMace: 696 triangles
TrogHarpoon: 216 triangles
TrogIncensory: 232 triangles
TurtleShield: 120 triangles

A file with all keyframes is available ( frames.txt)

The format .dbo is used in game engines like FPS creator and yourgame 3D.