trimaran military ship 3d model
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trimaran military ship

trimaran military ship

by TurboSquid
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Trimaran military ship,

project started with in cinema 4d and rhinoceros ,

Project file


Length:        127.4 m (418 ft)[1]
Beam:        31.6 m (104 ft)[1]
Draft:        14 ft (4.27 m)[1]
Propulsion:        2 MTU Friedrichshafen 20V 8000 Series diesel engines, 2 General Electric LM2500 gas turbines,[3] 2 American VULKAN light weight multiple-section carbon fiber propulsion shaftlines, 4 Wrtsil waterjets,[4] retractable bow-mounted azimuth thruster, 4 diesel generators
Speed:        44 knots (51 mph; 81 km/h)[5]
Range:        4,300 nm at 18 knots[6]
Capacity:        210 t (210 long tons; 230 short tons)
Complement:        43 core crew (11 officers, 32 enlisted) plus up to 35 mission crew
Sensors and
processing systems:        
SAAB Sea GIRAFFE 3D air and surface search radar[7]
Sperry Marine BridgeMaster E navigational radar
AN/KAX-2 electro-optical sensor with TV and FLIR
Northrop Grumman ICMS (Integrated Combat Management System)[7]
Electronic warfare
& decoys:        
ITT Corporation ES-3601 ESM system[7]
4 SRBOC decoy launchers for chaff and infrared decoys[7]
BAE Systems NULKA active radar decoy system[7]
AGM-114L Hellfire missiles[8]
1 BAE Systems Mk 110 57 mm gun[9]
4 .50-cal guns (2 aft, 2 forward)
1 Raytheon SeaRAM CIWS[7]
Other weapons as part of mission modules
Aircraft carried:        
2 MH-60R/S Seahawk
MQ-8 Fire Scout