The Christmas Lighthouse 3d model
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The Christmas Lighthouse

The Christmas Lighthouse

by Thingiverse
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The lighting that has come to define Christmas began when the shepherds, as well as several wise men alike, saw a star.
More modernly, the adoption of a belighted tree came about whilst a single person, upon seeing many stars thru the branches of an ever green, shared the symbolism with others.
Christmas tales that we all know, and ponder .... maybe?
But this season, yet another metaphor hit me - how about a Christmas lighthouse? Letting a simple beacon of warning, safety, as well as seasonal celebrations, shine?
So how about having three lights - A red LED on the top, the classic white - shining forth in the middle, as well as a far more festive RGB blinker, where the hope of any light-bearer's holiday hearth, can be seen...?
So whilst far, far from being as traditional as the Christmas Tree - much less than that classic Star of Bethlehem thereupon - I hope you might enjoy what - given the above explanation methinks - might just help add a little more symbolic-cheer, to your holiday tradition.
Merry Christmas - Peace on Earth - Good will to all.
--- Randall Nagy
Author: "An Interview with a Saint."
(Now available on!)
You can see the prototype in action here.
The entire print has been designed to snap together, but feel free to use epoxy as you feel inspired.
p.s. The globe should be printed with transparent - not clear - material / PLA. For best results, do NOT use ANY infill on the globe. Using support is also recommended for the globe, but not strictly required.
But be sure to use support on the cap / roof - works out well.
The main structure - the base - is designed to print free standing - no support be required.
Pun intended.