Teak wooden dressoir 3d model
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Teak wooden dressoir

Teak wooden dressoir

by CG Trader
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| Model Context|
This water teak wooden dressoir is made in Blender 2.78.5, using the - currently new - Principled Shader from Blender to use with exports from Substance Painter, in which the materials were made. The model can be used in broadcast, advertising, realistic (game) environments. Model is built to real-world scale - the unit system is metric – and has a height of 85 cm and is 2 meters high. No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed, just Blender (from version 2.78.5, with the Principled BSDF shader). | Mesh Specs |
Polygons: 26,203
Vertices: 26,891 | Texture Specs |
I created a version for use in Blender, which uses a 4K textureset (BaseColor, Metallic, Roughness and a Normal map) for the wood, and the Principled shader for the metal parts. For 3rd party applications, there are PBR texturesets added (like Unreal4 and Unity, there are dedicated texture sets added for these engines, including all materials in a single texture, split between Basecolor, Roughness, Metallic, etc.). | Included file formats | .BLEND .FBX .OBJ .3DS .ABC dressoir teak wooden interior furniture furnishing design oriental interiordesign commode dresser modern living cabinet storage room living room interior design interior room living room room interior