Tatra T6B5 3d model
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Tatra T6B5

Tatra T6B5

by TurboSquid
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Tatra T6B5SU is a Czechoslovak-built high floor four axle tram with an impulsive speed control. This model of tram was produced by CKD Praha, Praha - Smichov in the period of 1983-1995, following one year in Zlichin until 1996. After KD Praha went bankrupt, the final assembly and sale of incomplete trams was managed by Inekon Trams until 2007. The last four trams were supplied to the city of Ufa by late 2007. About 1,150 tramcars of this model were produced. In the Ex-Soviet Republics it is also known as 3. Today, most of these trams are used in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.