strange objects

by GrabCAD
A few years ago, walking through the countryside, in an old abandoned house, I found an old folder full of planes with incomprehensible annotations mostly....

A few days ago I remembered that discovery and I went to my carpentry workshop, where I have personal things stored in that folder. After much searching, finally I could find it and bring it home to my Studio and I was looking papers and drawings and annotations trying to organize a little all things, searching for some sense what i saw.

From everything that was happening in front my eyes, some things were taking shape in my mind like pieces of a huge and confusing puzzle and, pass by pass, I managed to mention some notes at bottom of page, many sketches, three to four layers of small parts of something I was completely unknown, but at least i can associate as part of a whole into the enormous whole that was in front me.

Taking my own notes of what I could decipher, I started drawing with those strange formulas that barely understood. You all know I’m not an engineer or technician about these things and only sketch what I see for pleasure and to learn more in my other job of designer and achieve find some work to earn a living.

In all these early findings, I have managed to draw something that I cannot understand what may be, what strange object belongs, for what purpose it was designed. And it makes me weird to see these drawings there, in yellowish papers and many with some piece broken and lost forever, whose roles in a few sentences written single words most of the time, I have seen that this is a language, half known to me, half also owns words I do not understand or I mend recalling ancient readings of college, when we read ancient texts in an archaic language. Having been written in old Italian, one might think if they were not old a disciple of master Leonardo manuscripts.

I don’t want to elaborate more ... I will send you what I have been able to draw on if any of you, with many more knowledge of mechanics and machinery than I´ve, you can find some clue to this object, bearing in mind that this design is, possibly, for more than three or four centuries ago. You read well. By the way and the style in which are written the words that I can see here, that kind of language is of books I read at the time of student in that distant time.

I will go, however, sending you more pictures to go getting interpreted as I have here in front. I hope that we can go with more clues according to these drawings are coming to light and we can, among all, form an image at the end and unravel this strange enigma.

Thank you all. I’m really afraid with all this, while tremendously fascinated and perplexed.

Your friend, Carco.