SPUR GEAR 48P 27T 20PA 0.563PD 3d model
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SPUR GEAR 48P 27T 20PA 0.563PD

SPUR GEAR 48P 27T 20PA 0.563PD

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 6 months ago
Geometrically functional working spur gear in the 48 diametral pitch (48P) or (48DP) family. All 48P gears are 0.1250 wide and work with all other 48P gears. Just add your bore or shaft features.

TurboSquid files are in inches. Set your CAD package or insert in inch format to avoid translation errors. To see what file types your CAD software can import, select (import) then click the (down arrow). All file types can be modified then converted to STL's for 3D printing.

Non-Polygonal Formats
1.) IGES - International Graphics Exchange Specification File
2.) STP - STEP ISO Graphics Exchange File
3.) DXF - Drawing Interchange Format (Version R13, Upward Compatible)
4.) SAT 3D ACIS Geometric Kernel File (Version 2.0, Upward Compatible)

Polygonal Formats (Polygonal mesh properties refer to the STL file format.)
5.) STL - Stereolithography File Format, Directly 3D printable
6.) OBJ - Object File Format
7.) 3DS - 3D Studio Max File Format by AutoDesk.

I have experience working in Engineering for over 23 years. I created these gears to save you time. I want you to find your ratio, choose your gears, download, add your bore or shaft features, then 3D print for your project. I want you happy so please make suggestions.