Skyline BNR34 Uniqued 3d model
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Skyline BNR34 Uniqued

Skyline BNR34 Uniqued

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 month, 4 weeks ago
If you are looking for something accurate and 100% close, go here, its a bit pricy but should be what you are looking for another artist on here.
if you arent looking for that then stick around for a few minutes eh?

Poly count:
Rims are 28,360 for both on left side before symmetry.
body count with symmetry without hypernurbs is:
15,702 quad and triangle polies.
body count with symmetry with hypernurbs(sub-d is 1) is:
35,960 quad and triangle polies.

The skyline above is priced at $25 USD mainly because its not as accurate as some of the big guys on here, nor was it my intentions to make it like that. This car model in particular wasnt really made with the intentions of still renders, It was made to be alive, to move, and to be animated. It has no door handles because I love cars with shaved handles and open by remote. It has no headlights because I've yet learned a way to properly make them. If you buy it and I make them later, I'll email them to you.

Quote from Morphinus from the c4dcafe boards:
'Whoa! Definitely worth more than $35. I've seen cars half as good for around 50 to 100. Pretty damn slick man!'

Quote from Vilandra from the c4dcafe boards.
'Hey. I reviewed your skyline, and I would say that its definitely worth $35. The layout of the car in the objects manager was easy to understand, and I didnt see anything wrong with it. $35 for this would be very reasonable for someone who wanted a skyline to use.'

These guys arent noobs either.

Other file formats will be up in a few days.
To the buyer, take care of my baby.
I made her in 14 hours.
Clay renders are done in 3DS Max 6 by my friend Patrick that is currently attending ITT Tech.
and if anyone is wondering is this stolen, its not, all my stuff in my list are inexpensive, this is also how much i charge when people give me assignments as well.