Sign Danger Flammable Game Ready PBR Textures 3D model
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Sign Danger Flammable Game Ready PBR Textures 3D model

Sign Danger Flammable Game Ready PBR Textures 3D model

by CG Trader
Last crawled date: 5 months ago
Real-Time,Game Ready, Sign: Danger Flammable. Display images were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. Includes the following 3d file types: Max 2014 file
Maya 2015 file
.FBX 2014 (with Quad Geometry)
.OBJ 2014 file
Marmoset 3 File - (the images you see in the thumbnails are using this file) The textures are located in the .zip file. You will also find all the program files located in the .zip folder. We recommend downloading the .zip and opening up your desired 3d format from there, the texture paths should automatically hook up that way. Includes the following PBR texture types (BOTH Metalness and Specular workflows, perfect for Unity, Cryengine and UE4): 2048x2048: Normal Map 2048x2048: Diffuse
2048x2048: Gloss
2048x2048: Specular 2048x2048: Base Color
2048x2048: Roughness
2048x2048: Metalness Also includes the Photoshop file of the sign itself. The Photoshop file is clean, no grunge/scratch/screw marks like in the presentation images. This will allow you to re-texture if you so desire. 4096x4096 PSD File. Note about textures. The Normal maps are -y, this is fine for directx. If they look flipped, just highlight the green channel in photoshop and hit ctrl+i. If the roughness and metalness look too shiny in say, UE4, you'll have to make sure they are set to linear. Just double click the texture and uncheck the sRGB box.
You can also fix that by combining maps in an image editor like Photoshop. UV's are flat, non-overlapping. Units are Metric. Game Ready! Please click on my Username for more Game-Ready models! sign flammable danger flame notice warning steel low poly game ready pbr textures vr ar ue4 unity prop retro vintage exterior industrial industrial exterior game ready