Security Cam - Hardened version 3d model
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Security Cam - Hardened version

Security Cam - Hardened version

by Thingiverse
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This is a remix of a remix and my first attempt at using openSCAD. Thanks to perb1970 and his great work and the SCAD file. By taking it apart piece by piece, I figured out what I wanted to do. I took perb1970's security camera and ended up hardening it for outdoor use. The SCAD file changes are numerous, but include the addition of o-ring seals on all of the parts, the addition of an end cap to cover the SD card and reset button. I added comments as I figured out what each part did and some customization for indoor (with ports and fan exposed - although you could just use perb1970s version for indoor) and an outdoor version with all of the side ports of the pi zero covered up. The rain hood is not really necessary due to the seals, but still may be a good idea for added protection. I will back in perb1970's UPS battery design when I get the chance.
The camera cover is designed to have a small piece of perspex (25mmx30mm) placed in the opening and sealed with silicon. Nothing thicker than 3mm.
Power is brought in via a hole on the bottom next to the mount point. Tie a knot as a strain relief, but do not seal the hole.
Connections points for +5vdc are on the bottom of the board under the PWR USB port. See this drawing for the solder points -
version 2: In an effort to minimize the potential for water ingress, I redesigned the main body. Changes are:
-Top in now a solid part of the main body
-The pi zero now mounts upside down
-spacers had to be about double in height and a pair of m3x25 (I think) are now needed.
-front piece was extended and the opening size increased. A small ledge was added inside to support the installation of a 25mm x 30mm x 3mm piece of perspex.
Raspberry pi zero W -
Raspberry pi camera module -
Cable for camera to pi zero -
Screws are all socket cap:
-M3x6 - pi zero (front screws) - qty 2
-M3x8 - bottom (front) cover - qty 2
-M3x10 - end cap - qty 4
-M3x20 - front cover - qty 4
-M3x25 - bottom cover trough spacers and pi zero mount (rear) - qty 2
-M2x6 - raspberry pi camera module mount - qty 4
The "nut trap" takes either a #8-32 nut or an M8.5
screw o-rings - 3mm x 1.5mm (1.5x3mm) Metric Buna-N NBR O-Rings (
front and rear o-rings - Nitrile Rubber 44mm x 48mm x 2mm Seal Rings (
-bottom gasket seal - .079'' (2 mm) Silicone O-Ring Cord Stock (