Sausage Fridge Magnet 3d model
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Sausage Fridge Magnet

Sausage Fridge Magnet

by Thingiverse
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A fridge magnet shaped like a sausage. This was one of the capsule toys I made for the BASCHZ LEEGT!! exhibition during Feest Der Leegstand (literally "Feast Of Vacancy") in Schiedam in 2017. It came from the old sticker on the door saying it was not allowed to bring food inside. It also appeared on a T-shirt in the exhibition.
I was invited to do something with a long vacant retail building. With the left-behind materials and lots references to the space and its history I created my own shop for a weekend.
The magnet also made an appearance as one of the Things Of Internet TOIs I made for the 25th edition of Internet Yami-Ichi, an internationally organized black market for all things internet. More info on
Magnets used are 12mm diameter 3mm thick neodynium disc magnets from Supermagnete