Saitek X55/56 - Moar Buttons Edition! by Ghost_3D model
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Saitek X55/56 - Moar Buttons Edition! by Ghost_3D

Saitek X55/56 - Moar Buttons Edition! by Ghost_3D

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Last crawled date: 1 year, 7 months ago
For those times when you're playing one of those flight simulators that can take ALL THE BUTTONS AND SWITCHES you can throw at it.
This mainly came about because I play simulators in VR wherever possible, and mapping those extra functions that don't fit on the X55 to the keyboard isn't ideal because you can't find the right key without taking the HMD off! This design gives you a total of 19 extra switches/buttons.
I've tried to match things aesthetically to the rest of the X55, so I've used green LEDs and translucent PLA diffusers. The switches are momentary 2-position, again to match the switches on the throttle, with the exception of the hazard switch which is a momentary single.
All the fixings are M3 for simplicity.
Parts I used:
Black PLA
Yellow PLA
Translucent PLA
Green 5V LED strip link
8x momentary 2-position toggle switches link
1x momentary toggle switch with missile cover link
1x DSD 32 button controller link
1x USB panel mount cable link
2x 20mm panel mount push buttons, red (can't find them online, scavenged a bunch of them from a skip a while ago)
20x 20mm M3 bolts
12x 10mm M3 bolts
28x M3 nuts
About 500mm of 10-way ribbon cable, plus a bunch of other wires for connecting up LEDs etc
25x female crimp pins 0.1" link
You will need to print (in black unless otherwise specified):
1x Upper
1x Lower
1x Upper switch mount
2x Upper switch cover
1x Upper buttons
1x Upper hazard sw
1x Upper hazard strips (in yellow)
1x Rear cover
1x Lower switch mount
1x Lower switch cover
8x LED diffuser (in translucent, 100% infill)