s2000 based concept.max 3d model
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s2000 based concept.max

s2000 based concept.max

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 4 months, 1 week ago
this is a concept car i made, looks like a gangster one i think :D
it's based on a honda s2000.
it also includes one of my rims.
because its a concept car, and because i want you to make it have its own look so it feels like its yours, i made no lights or exhaust on this one (it could be seen as a downside. but i think its more an upside, as you will be able to more easily make that different look to it)

look at the big preview for a better render

(in the max file, the car's meshsmooth iterations is set to 0 in the viewports and 2-3 or 4 in the render settings. so it looks weird in the viewport but great in the renders...just to keep pc speed at maximum ;) you can change it by a push on a button )