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Re: Homemade hanglider!

by 3DWarehouse
Last crawled date: 1 year, 1 month ago
(for AirplaneNerd777) in short, its a bad idea. i once built a duct tape/pvc/plywood/more duct tape glider and tried flying it off O'donnels point, as you are about to witness (if you do not download the model directly) it was a bad idea. scene1: the runup, i was the only one with any aviation experience so i was the pilot. scene2: flying nicely. scene3: i realise that i have no way of controling the glider and start to bail out by disconnecting the life jacket (which was attached to the glider) scene4: its completely out of control. scene5: i have escapped the glider and slip down off the wing. scene6: im falling and the glider has flipped. scene7: going into a nose dive. scene8: ive back-flopped into the water so i didnt go under much and the glider is about to hit the water. scene9: the infernal glider sinks.