Radio alarm clock enclosure by Pezantros 3d model
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Radio alarm clock enclosure by Pezantros

Radio alarm clock enclosure by Pezantros

by Thingiverse
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Hello, here You can find the enclosure for the Radio alarm clock, I made. The front is tilted about 15° from the vertical axis.
The front part is designed for 12864 LCD display, Monacor SP-6/4SQS speaker and for potentiometer with 7 mm thread.
The back part has holes for DHT11 temperature / humidity sensor, photoresistor, KSSG3108 minispeaker and for mini din MDD3BB connector. In models You can find version of back part without holes for these components too.
As a knob for potentiometer I used my earlier model from here
Maybe it will be usefull for someone else too.
For all components inside the enclosure I used screws M3x6 mm.
For join together the front part with the back part I used screws M3x10 mm.
Between LCD display and PCB is need to be used 4 pcs pillar standoffs 12 mm high.