Proteus 3d model
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by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 3 months, 4 weeks ago
Proteus class strike cruiser

Highly detailed space cruiser with 81 separately moveable weapon turrets (of 6 different types), four fighter bays and a larger main docking bay. Original design by me, never used in any commercial projects.
The Proteus is an ideal candidate of any sci-fi or space opera projects. The large textures and the detailing of all the exposed parts enable close-up in movie projects. The model is realscale, 240m wide, 236.2m high and 634m long. The fighter bays are compatible of many of my other models.

The original model was made in Lightwave 3D 9.6, other versions were converted by Deep Exploration 5.5. Due the limitations of conversion, I had to convert all polygons to triangles and quads in all other versions than LWO. Please note, that these export versions lacks the procedural textures of the original, have a slightly higher polygon count, and might need a bit work to place the weapon turrets and refit the textures. (should be quite easy) If you can, use the LWS file that comes with all the info/lights/jointing/etc. needed. The whole scene with all the turrets and weapons is 1`290`301 polygon and 2`691`931 vertexes. This can be decreased by instancing.

The model also can be simplified even below 50k polygons (tried it) to enable gaming use or the creation of massive fleets. (This very low poly version is sold separately.)

Note: other objects, like fighters shown on some pictures are sold separately.