Prehistoric House (Boar Skin Roof) 3d model
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Prehistoric House (Boar Skin Roof)

Prehistoric House (Boar Skin Roof)

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 3 months ago
Detailed and photo-realistic 3D model of a Prehistoric animal-hide roofed house, more specifically a coastal Neolithic Crannog popular in ice age Wales/Scotland/Ireland and using the hides of wild boar. This model is perfect for scenes both in the water and on land, the beams either acting as the foundation or anchored stakes in the riverbed. This design was created in Blender, is also currently available in fbx/obj/dae/3ds and is ready to be converted and/or rendered into ANY SUPPORTED 3D PROGRAMME for the desired effect of the customer, ready to be used straight away in games/film/media. All texture maps have been utilised for a realistic depiction (ambient occlusion, specular,normal,displacement,diffuse etc). Effectively an archaeological reconstruction of an archetypal Neolithic Crannog settlement, this design can be used as a generic prehistoric settlement for any scene. Crannogs were defensive prehistoric coastal dwellings and stilted/built in the centre of bodies of water (lakes, coastal sea, rivers and estuarine waters) in North-West Europe. They were used as dwellings over five millennia and still persist today in some areas. The moderate to high polycount serves the making up of hundreds of branches building the walls, roofs and outer balconies, themselves resting on larger logs acting as columns - retaining in detail the organic form of each of the unique branches. Model and entire scene environment included.

Entire design created by Christopher Antoniou.