porch stair 3d model
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porch stair

porch stair

by 3dExport
Last crawled date: 1 year, 10 months ago
realistic 3d model of porch stair.
real-world scale in millimeters.
originally modelled in 3ds max 2018.
final images rendered with corona renderer 5.
file includes only model of porch stair with materials - doesn’t include background or scene shown in preview images.
this model contains corona renderer materials only.
model and materials is logically named for ease of scene management.
the model has real-world scale and is centered at 0,0,0.
materials and textures:
5 materials in one multi sub-object
2 textures:
995x995 *jpg
1024x2048 *jpg
units used: millimeters
objects :1
model dimensions (close to):
• length : 5690 mm
• width : 1500 mm
• height : 2617 mm