Plava grobnica 3d model
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Plava grobnica

Plava grobnica

by 3DWarehouse
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Plava grobnica-Milutin Bojić Hail to you, imperial galleys! Restrain your mighty rudders! Stroke your oars silently! I'm proudly officiating a sublime Requiem in the chill of the night Upon these sacred waters. Here at the bottom, where seashells tire in sleep And upon the dead algae peat falls, Stretch the graves of the brave, couched brother beside brother, Prometheuses of Hope, Apostles of Pain. Don't you feel the wafting sea, That it may not trouble their holy repose? From the deep abyss peaceful slumber ebbs, And in tiring flight the moonlight slowly passes. This is a mysterious temple and a sad graveyard With decaying carcasses, unfathomably real. Silent like the night on the tip of the Ionian Sea Dark as a conscience, cold and despairing. Don't you feel from your most depressing moods That piety grows over this benediction And the air fills with curious gentleness? That great soul of the fallen roams Hail to you, imperial galleys! Upon this tomb my dear kindred ones Veil the trumpets in mourning black. Let your sentry, upright, chant the holy dirge Here, where waves come to an embrace! #first_world_war #Greece #Kerkira #Korfu #Kragujevac #Krf #pera #Plava_grobnica #Srbija #Vido