Pedestals with masks 3d model
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Pedestals with masks

Pedestals with masks

by Free3D
Last crawled date: 1 year, 7 months ago
Padding on 4k texture - 16 px.

model content:

asset include 6 archive

example archive of pedestal-bronze-1 :

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-ue4-fbx - Pedestal-bronze-1-ue4-fbx.FBX, Candle-mask.FBX, Pedestal-bronze-1-with-mask.FBX

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-1-ue4-texture(Png-4k-8bit) : Color, Emissive, Roughness, Metall, Normal - Example of naming: (Pedestal-bronze-1-Metallic)

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-unity-fbx

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-1-unity-texture(Tga-4k-8bit) : Albedo, Emissive, Normal, SpecularSmoothness - Example of naming: (Pedestal-bronze-1-Albedo)

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-1-all-texture(Png-4k-8bit) : Cavity, Color, Diffuse, Emissive, Roughness, Glossiness, Metall, Specular, Normal, - Example of naming: (Pedestal-bronze-1-Cavity)

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-1-obj

Archive - Pedestal-bronze-1-3ds