old city building 001 3d model
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old city building 001

old city building 001

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 5 months ago
A 3d model of an old north European city house, build with focus on detail, especially regarding the roof and texture. There is interior geometry to help the windows appear realistic.

- Modo 10.2v1
- Maya 2017 with an Arnold render Setup
- 3dMax 2017 scanline
- obj file
- obj file with UDIM UV (separate file )

Preview images are rendered in Maya with Arnold except the turntable, grayshaded, dirtmask and wire-frames which are done in Modo.

The model is separated in parts based on material: glass, metal, roof, wall, (+wall inside) and wood. The materials and texture channels work accordingly.

Each of the five material-parts has 3 textures as jpg included
with the texture channels Diff, Bump, and Spec, besides some dirt masks for the glass.

Texture Resolution is 4096 or 8192 pixels, depending on the amount of geometry layout in uv space. No tile-mapping is used, therefore textures are large, but can probably be reduced in most cases.

The texture setup is straightforward and should be usable in most 3d software packages.

If the obj is imported, geometry needs to stay separated into the 5 material parts, otherwise UV layouts will overlap.

An additional file can be downloaded containing an obj in witch the UV layouts are moved over 1 to match UDIM - specification. Included is also the dirt-mask that was used to paint the weathering layer (see previews)