Nuclear Power Plant Scene 3d model
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Nuclear Power Plant Scene

Nuclear Power Plant Scene

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Nuclear Power Plant Scene.

Model created and renderer with 3dsmax8.

3dsmax8 model contain applied meshsmooth. You may reduce or increase polycount and modify mesh if required.

3ds file exported in 2 optiions, with meshsmooht and with meshsmooth removed.

3dsmax8 vray scene made with Vray15RC3. For newest versions of Vray and 3dsmax8 do not updates light and cameras if you want receive same rendering result as on thumbnails.

3dsmax8 file include scene for Vray renderer (vray materials, cameras an lights used) and second for standard 3dsmax8 renderer - mentalray (no additional plugin needed).

Files without scene and animation, prepared for each renderer, centered to world (0,0,0) also included for 3dsmax8.

No N-gons, mesh is in 91% quads.

Textures included:

2832 x 2128 x2
2300 x 2300 x1
2240 x 1680 x1
2048 x 2048 x1
2000 x 1500 x3
1500 x 1125 x1
1024 x 1024 x1
1000 x 750 x3
756 x 512 x1

Scene Totals:
Objects: 396
Shapes: 4
Cameras: 11
Lights: 1
Helpers: 0
Space Warps: 0
Total: 412

Mesh Totals:

Verts: 518990
Faces: 499112

Summary info for Vray scene with meshsmooth applied: