Multimania Physical Pixel Creature by scottjanousek 3d model
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Multimania Physical Pixel Creature by scottjanousek

Multimania Physical Pixel Creature by scottjanousek

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3-D printable physical pixel creature logo for MULTI-MANIA -- a creative, interactive, emerging technology conference held in Kortrijk, Belgium.
"Multi-Mania 2014: Get inspired, share knowledge and connect with the creative community!
The Multi-Mania conference has become the annual event that brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and creative new media students. The enthusiasm surrounding this event is exciting and inspiring. Each year the conference grows a little bigger and each year the experience gets a little better.
As the new media industry grows, the importance of a conference like Multi-Mania increases. Attendees learn from industry leaders, catch up on the latest developments and find new energy and inspiration for their work. New business relationships are built, new products are developed, innovative solutions are found, and employees and students come into contact with employers and schools.
At this 14th edition of Multi-Mania, we expect to welcome over 2000 multimedia developers, designers, entrepreneurs, multimedia students and lecturers."
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