Moscow tramway by 3DRivers model
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Moscow tramway by 3DRivers

Moscow tramway by 3DRivers

by TurboSquid
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This Moscow tramway model is a part of the Tramways collection.

A tram, tramcar, trolley, trolleycar, or streetcar is a railborne vehicle, of lighter weight and construction than a conventional train, designed for the transport of passengers (and, very occasionally, freight) within, close to, or between villages, towns and/or cities, on tracks running primarily on streets.
In many cities of Russia tramways have been facing difficulties since the disintegration of the USSR. About one third of the tram track extent is operated on regular basis, having frequencies of 10 minutes and lower.

This new Moscow tramway 3D model has accurate proportions and reasonable poly count. It is detailed and nicely done as well.

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