Map of the United States of America USA 3d model
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Map of the United States of America USA

Map of the United States of America USA

by CG Trader
Last crawled date: 2 months, 4 weeks ago
This is a detailed map of the United States of America.
Each state is a separate object and can be pulled out separately(see images)
The state objects fit seamlessly together.
The name of the state is written above the state.
The states are colored in with 5 different colors.
The model was made in blender v2.79. All states are named as follows:
etc. The text objects are named as follows:
etc. The blender file inculdes two models: Model 1(USA as one object)
Vertices: 20136
Polygons: 10426
Tris: 39552 Model 2(USA as individual states)
Vertices: 35666
Polygons: 18293
Tris: 70414 The scene has a camera and light and is set up the way you can see in the first render(first image). map united states of america usa cartography wold map coninent state various models exterior other political province region nation global world united states usa map world map