Male Demon (Rigged) 3d model
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Male Demon (Rigged)

Male Demon (Rigged)

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 2 years, 9 months ago
Meet Jestraron!

He is a highly admired and often celebrated demon from the ancient world. Blood, mischief and knowledge are several major elements this divine being is associated with and people tend to see him as disciplined and relaxed. He is also the Devil of swing and salsa.

Often depicted as young, immature and elegant, Jestraron is usually worshipped through offerings and sacrifices.

There's a few main places for those who thirst for the powers and blessings of Jestraron, but handheld symbols and altars are typically found to be a good place to start.
Worshippers are quite numerous and tend to come in the form of outcasts and servants, but if in need all others are welcome to seek the guidance of this demon. But only ever if the right offerings and sacrifices are adhere to.

Jestraron has a couple of lovers, but the main one is Valerie. Which doesn't affect the power Jestraron may provide, but lovers require dedication and attention too.

Geometry and texture:

The model is completely quad polygonal. Polygon count and texture resolution are suitable for both animation and game-engine usage. Poly number is less than 8000. Model unit is metric-centimeters.

Textures include diffuse map, normal map and spec map. All of them are 2048x2048 RGB 8-bits/channel 96 dpi jpg.
Textures are unwrapped as non-intersecting images.
All textures are included within the archive files and also provided as a supporting file.

Scene includes vray plane lights and GI override. All cameras that you can see in the presentation images are included within the max files. (Don't forget to check your visibility settings or layers if you can't see lights, cameras and helpers) Maps are placed on a vray material for the sample model but they can easily be used with standard materials or realtime renderers.


'Jestraton-native.rar' archive contains the MAX model with the T-posed 3ds rigged structure with a standard biped bone system. This version can be easily animated and the bone structure can be seen in the presentation images.

The character's face expressions are also rigged with a Morph modifier which you can find within the 'Modifiers' tab of the mian body mesh.

Legal Usage:

The offered content can completely be used for any commercial image production, animation, game production, video production, etc. purposes by the purchaser. However, reselling or redistributing the content and all files within it without our permission is strictly prohibited.