mōna mission project - GrabCAD on the moon

by GrabCAD
Number 5 is alive!
Project Start: 2/17/13
Project End: TBD


Welcome to the fifth GrabCAD collaboration project; our life on the moon!

Sophistication in engineering and 3D printing has allowed inhabitants of Earth to export a small team of engineers to our nearby Moon in hopes of unlocking the "Lunar Code" and building a sustainable civilization.

The collaborators' primary objective as GC Space Team members is to fabricate blueprints for our 3D printers based on the Moon. Our society must operate and communicate efficiently including: health, transportation, power, and other integral structures that are vital for the survival of our kind. They must have a function and be useful for our existence on the Moon!

Our construction environment will be just south of La Condamine S crater within a new impact zone made recently on the Moon surface. The Mōna Crater is approximately 1 mile wide and rich with precious minerals and materials.



Tommy Mueller (Moon & craters map, Space soldier, Spacewalk hotel, GrabCAD moon office, Moon SSCC: strategic space command center, Gravity generator for MPT, Mineral sampler, Future commuter car, NAVSTAR GPS satellite, Spacehawk)

Hans de Ridder (Drilling rig Unobtanium Hunter, Moonbase Tranquility, MPT, Cosmic ray collector for MPT, Goalkeeper, Digital moon clock, Stellar observation "StarGazer", MEC: moon entertainment center, Moon dune buggy "Dune Dancer", Battle cruiser "K'TánGa", Raider, Lunar taxi, Moon defender "Kill'm All")

Mohammad Shubbak (Hospital & scientific research center, Moon train, Rocks collector, Ambulance, Moon explorer)

Les Hardwick-Grey (Research facility, Research explorer vehicle, Research flyer)

Verislav Mudrak (Moon patrol, Tesla cannon, UFO)

Rusty Smith (Plasma power generator, Lunar recon cart)

Alexander Papadopoulos (O2 facility: trees & plants, soilless plant growth, growth chamber)

james lenane (Moon defender)

Lance Skelly (Satellite dish)

JSE (Pirate ship)

mees de ridder (Giant footprint for MPT)

Krista Casal (Subterranean living)

BINIG (Theater)


OTHER PARTICIPANTS (modeling/rendering, supportive comments, etc):

Leo Kiviluoma
Stefan Varga
Bryan Morris
Tobias Mattsson
Stephen Nyberg
JF Brandon
Andrew DiVincenzo
Sara Sigel
Hardi Meybaum