Live For Speed Tracks by rev_ 3d model
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Live For Speed Tracks by rev_

Live For Speed Tracks by rev_

by Thingiverse
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They are 3mm in height by default, and properly scaled. Bigger tracks might not fit average bed size, so if you want a bigger print, you have to cut it.
BL1 - Blackwood GP
BL2 - Blackwood Historic
BL3 - Blackwood Rallycross
SO1 - South City Classic
SO2 - South City Sprint 1
SO3 - South City Sprint 2
SO4 - South City Long
SO5 - South City Town
SO6 - South City Chicane
FE1 - Fern Bay Club
FE2 - Fern Bay Green
FE3 - Fern Bay Gold
FE4 - Fern Bay Black
FE5 - Fern Bay Rallycross
FE6 - Fern Bay Rallycross Green
KY1 - Kyoto Oval
KY2 - Kyoto National
KY3 - Kyoto GP
WE1 - Westhill National
WE2 - Westhill International
WE1_OLD - Westhill International (the old one)
AS1 - Aston Cadet
AS2 - Aston Club
AS3 - Aston National
AS4 - Aston Historic
AS5 - Aston Grand Prix
AS6 - Aston Grand Touring
RO1 - Rockingham ISSC
RO2 - Rockingham National
RO3 - Rockingham Oval
RO4 - Rockingham ISSC Long
RO5 - Rockingham Lake
RO6 - Rockingham Handling
RO7 - Rockingham International
RO8 - Rockingham Historic
RO9 - Rockingham Historic Short
RO10 - Rockingham International Long
RO11 - Rockingham Sportscar