Kitchen and Garden Trolley 3d model
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Kitchen and Garden Trolley

Kitchen and Garden Trolley

by TurboSquid
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Can be used as a part of kitchen furniture (mobile or stationary) for preparing or serving food, beverage also as a part of garden, patio or by the pool (outdoor) furniture.

Wooden frame consists from individual 'boards' combined together (vertices are not merged so can be separated if needed)- for easier texturing.

Wheels have three parts: wheel base, wheel and wheel pin. Objects are named accordingly in all formats (there are 7 objects: wood_frame, wheel_base, wheel_base_1, wheel, wheel_1, wheel_pin and wheel_pin_1).

All polygon faces are single sided (for faster render) and closed (there are no objects with holes).

Normal angles are also included in all formats, in *.obj format too, for details on import *.obj file for XSI, Lightwave and Modo users I have attached read_me.doc in accompanying product files.

The model's dimensions are 1/10 of real world units. [1cm=10cm]

More details about polygons and wireframe are in full preview.