Jet Engine Cutaway 3d model
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Jet Engine Cutaway

Jet Engine Cutaway

by TurboSquid
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•        Model of Tumansky R-11 jet engine high
          level of detail and realism
•        Originally created with Maya 2012 64bit
•        Model is organized in render layers that you can turn
          on and off to achieve full engine version or cutaway
          version (and all between)


•        The Engine consists of 2819 separate parts
•        All the parts have their unique names
•        Parts of the model are well organized and grouped
          making it fast and easy to find needed part      
          (tree-type hierarchy)
•        Model is centered at 0,0,0 origin,
          Rotor axis aligned with Z-axis
•       Overall number of faces is 7436326
•        Clean geometry, free from: n-gons, lamina faces,
          nonmanifold geometry


•        Preview renderings are done with mental ray engine
•        HDRI image used for preview renderings is not
          included. (Link to free download and instruction in
          readme file).

--Textures and materials—

•        23 textures 2048 x 2048
•        7 textures 1024 x 1024
•        1 texture 512 x 512
•        All the parts use Mental Ray MIA_MATERIAL
          materials (except from cut surface which have MIA
          Lambert material)
•        Materials and textures names are related to parts
          names that they are assigned to
          (example. part: InletCone, material:
          InletCone_MTL, texture: InletCone_diffuse)
•        Most of the parts have non-overlapping UVs except
          these that were cut ( cutting surface UVs overlapps
          with cut parts)

-- Rigging—

•        The Engine has adjustable afterburner nozzle
          ( move “NozzleActuatingRing1” back and forth in
          order to adjust nozzle convergency).
          SetDrivenKey is used for nozzle rigging


•        Model is built to real-world scale
•        Units used: Centimeters as default for Maya.
          Model is 460 centimeters long