ISO 7010 Emergency Symbol collection by Amygdoloid 3d model
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ISO 7010 Emergency Symbol collection by Amygdoloid

ISO 7010 Emergency Symbol collection by Amygdoloid

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Hi folks,
this is a not (yet) complete collection of emergency symbols accoding to ISO 7010. These are by far not all symbols, but the most common ones and the ones I could easily access trough Wikimedia (link below). If you miss a sign and also have a good source for the symbol (preferably .svg or a high resolution .png) please contact me. We can add more symbols over time and complete this collection. This is meant to be for labs and companies. Printed in PLA they are cheap, durable, reusable and chemically resistant.
Feel free to leave me feedback and suggestions and let me see your prints, I'm curious. Also I won't print all of the signs myself, because I don't want to waste material only for a photo or two. I've printed E007 but the green is definitly to bright (see photos). The real green tone should be mor like the color in the Fusion360 image (see color table). Unfortunately I didn't have any other green filament, but this one is only meant to be a demonstrator.
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File structure:
There are a lot of files, I know, but it's systematic, every sign has 5 files:
.stl - Mesh
.3mf - Prusa Sclic3r 2.3 with colorchanges
f3d - Fusion360 file
.step - For use in other CAD software
...170mm.svg - a vectorgraphic file scaled to 170 mm (inkscape)
E018 and E019 are just mirrored versions they share a Fusion file. There are also E001 and E002 with arrows already combined.
The print time is usually 2.5 hours. The signs are meant to be printed in 0.2 mm layerheight. Therefore the green base is 3 layers (0.6 mm) and the white symbols another 3 layers (0.6mm). The square is always scaled to 170 x 170 mm. The color changes are alreday added in the .3mf files.
Also please be careful when removig the sign from the print bed and definetly let the part cool down before removing it. Because the signs only have a base of 3 layers they can be damaged or bend prettey easy, when taking it down from the buildplate.
Please use PETG or other UV resistant materials if you want to use the signs outdoors. For indoor purposes PLA is fair enough. The cost for each print is < 1€ for regular PLA. The colors should be choosen in a way so they are as close to the RAL colors of the ISO 3684 standard (link below, or image above). Some filament producers release the RAL color in the specs of their materials. I am using "Das-Filament" a lot. Some of their PLA comes really close to the RAL colors suggest for the safety symbols. Take care when choosing the colors.
I took the .svg files from Wikimedia (link below) scaled them to 170 mm using inkscape (link below). The rescaled version is then loaded to Fusion360, where the base profile is extruded in negative direction -0.6 mm and the white parts inlcuding the frame are extruded to the positive direction +0.6 mm. Lastly I added colors to the faces of the sign bodies, every sign is one body.
Wikipeda Entry ISO7010:
Colors for safety signs
Wikimedia source of .svg:
How to change color:
Green Filament (Pantone 375)