Intersecting Planes 3d model
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Intersecting Planes

Intersecting Planes

by Thingiverse
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In my Multivariable Calculus class we discuss intersecting planes and intersecting surfaces several times in the course. This model has been very useful when teaching new concepts, reviewing ideas, and answering questions.
I wanted something where the planes were not orthogonal (at right angles to each other.) This works well to show the class that the angle between the planes is equal to the angle between the corresponding normal vectors and that the direction of the line of intersection can be found using the cross product of the normal vectors. See screenshot.
The planes are rather thick since I needed a sturdy model of intersecting planes with their normal vectors. What I initially had broke apart quickly.
Designed with Mathematica.
Approximately 197 x 198 x 160 mm.
I printed this on its side (vectors parallel to the print bed) using supports.
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