Honda Civic EG6 Custom Widebody 3d model
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Honda Civic EG6 Custom Widebody

Honda Civic EG6 Custom Widebody

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 4 months ago
This all started from hearing about a car modeling contest about customizing a stock car that you have made already or that they provided, anyway I did my stock EG6 and ended up with this. The inspirations that were put into the car were Renault Clio, Nissan Silvia, and Honda s2000 and widebody kits that I had drawn on paper a long time ago.

Its not your ordinary honda civic, its not necessarily riced out either, its artistically touched, thats what it is. You got a Renault Clio style vent on the side, Nissan S15 Headlights, and some custom tail lights that were inspired by the Honda S2000. Got a front bumper like a racer Evo VIII Lancer and a side of a Tiburon as well. I even dropped in some seats with speakers on them and some seatbelts, just for your safety because We care about you too. Dropped in a minorly detailed, mainly just a filler, a dashboard with a shift stick as well.   Put some Imitation Falken rims under the car with some tires, ofcoarse. Dropped the car and shifted the back end just a little bit upwards and did the opposite to the front to give it that slanted look when viewed from the side. Last but not least, put some extra HUGE exhast pipes on the rear just to give it that odd, but very unique look. Anyway, lets continue on with the description shall we?

About the polycount, the count for the total car, with wheels and and all is before hypernurbs/symmetry and any other modifiers, the count is at 26K polies. The final count really dpends on your usage of nurbs. So right now its a variable.

There are a few differences between the Version 9 file and the Version 7 file. First of all the object was created in Version 9, so with that said, there were somethings that I could do in R9 that can''t easily be done in R7. Such as Hypernurb weights, so those of you whom are R8 users will have to add some weights to certain areas, like the fender, trunk, and a few other areas, its just going to be one point weights, not multi-edge/points/polygons. If you have trouble, Send me an email and i''ll gladly make a little video for you.

Another difference is when rendering, the post procedural maps(SLA) were updated in later versions of cinema 4d, so the grills on the front and rear will look slightly thicker than in the R9 renders above, as you can see in the R7 render. I don''t own R8, so I can''t verify it in that version.

To R9 owners, the materials will be in groups, and to R8 users, since R7 has no group ability, the materials will be scattered about, I''m sorry about that, but I''ve not the ability to work around this.