Heavy axe set - Zbrush highpoly 3d model
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Heavy axe set - Zbrush highpoly

Heavy axe set - Zbrush highpoly

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 2 years, 6 months ago
This is the Zbrush high polygon model for the low polygon heavy axe set I made.

The Zbrush file contains 14 subtools.

Axe v1 at lowest subdivision (total):
polygons: 1,211,574
vertices: 1,209,196

Axe v1 at highest subdivision (total):
polygons: 38,846,746
vertices: 38,846,790
Axe v2 at lowest subdivision (total):
polygons: 2,367,515
vertices: 2,359,579

Axe v2 at highest subdivision (total):
polygons: 39,835,928
vertices: 39,835,972

note: Im only providing the Zbrush format for ease of use. This way you can import and append objects, decimate the mesh and export to your desired 3D application.