Heavy Assault Mech HAW-27T by filipturz 3d model
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Heavy Assault Mech HAW-27T by filipturz

Heavy Assault Mech HAW-27T by filipturz

by Thingiverse
Last crawled date: 2 years, 5 months ago
Today I bring you the HAW-27T - a heavy assault walker mech. Nicknamed "Beherith" after a legendary fire-breathing demon.
Designed to tower above the battlefield and rain death upon it's foes in midrange, this battle mech is virtually unstoppable. Even a slightest suspicion that Beheriths have been deployed is enough to cause panic in the enemy ranks. It's chassis is strong enough to support heavy armour, big bore granade launcher, high-output flamethrower and twin-linked heavy machine guns as well as a shield generator. All this mass comes with a price - the Beherith is a slow, lumbering engine of war.
=Fluff Over=
Beherith was inspired by various things around the web, but the design is original.
There will be a site with more of those designs - I will post a link to it when it's up. Stay tuned.