Hd’A-3 Erroi - Scout / Light Attack Helicopter 3d model
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Hd’A-3 Erroi - Scout / Light Attack Helicopter

Hd’A-3 Erroi - Scout / Light Attack Helicopter

by 3DWarehouse
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CDA Light Attack/Scout Helicopter – Crow The Erroi was designed in the late 90’s as a Fast Scout Helicopter. During the development, it was decided that there would be light attack weapons added. The end result was a very quick, very maneuverable vehicle that was able to quickly access the battlefield. Due to the coaxial rotor, the Erroi is relatively quiet. This is due to the subsonic rotors. In addition the rear pusher prop allows the Erroi to fly in Excess of 440 kph (270mph). This system is based off of the Sikorsky X-2 System. Top Speed is classified. The Erroi is able to provide Electronic Countermeasures in addition to the attack and scout modes. The addition of ELINT pods allow the Erroi to both ferret out Electronic threats and suppress these threats The Egg Pod on top of the rotors, containing both Cameras and Millimeter wave radar, allow the Erroi to gather information from behind obstacles, such as Trees, Buildings, Hills, etc.… In Addition the Egg Pod will guide offensive weapons to the target while the Erroi remains hidden (think Apache Longbow). Crew: 2 Weapons: Up to 8ea MPUh - Missil Petit Universal (Hellfire) 1ea 22mm Rapid Fire Light Cannon (700 rounds) used for anti-personnel and lightly armored targets Up to 2ea ELINT Pods 1ea Egg Pod The Erroi is still in Production. A total of 98ea Series I and 12ea Series II (trainer version) have been made to date. #Apache #attack #Attack_Helicopter #coaxial #Crow #detail #ELINT #Erroi #fast #future_war #futuristic #helicopotor #helicopter #Hellfire #Ka52 #Kamov #Light_Attack #OGN #Raider #Raven #S97 #Scout #Sirkorsky #sneaky_little_bastard #war #X2