grohe set 1 essence euphoria with adjustable watering can 3d model
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grohe set 1 essence euphoria with adjustable watering can

grohe set 1 essence euphoria with adjustable watering can

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the archive includes a set of 8 elements of grohe shower systems and faucets, each element is named separately: 1. grohe essence new sink faucet, xl-size, dark graphite matte (32901al1); 2. grohe essence new shower faucet, dark graphite matte (33636al1); 3. grohe essence new sink faucet, u-spout, dark graphite matte (23462al1); 4. grohe euphoria xxl 310 shower system with thermostat, dark graphite matt (26075al0); 5. shower set grohe euphoria, dark graphite matte (27226al1); 6. grohe essence new bath faucet, dark graphite matt (33624al1); 7. grohe essence new sink faucet, dark graphite matte (23589al1); 8. grohe essence new bidet faucet, reduced, dark graphite matte (32935al1); 9. external part of grohe grohtherm smartcontrol thermostatic shower mixer, dark graphite, matt (29119al0); 10. grohe rainshower overhead shower with bracket, dark graphite matt (26066al0); 11. grohe rainshower overhead shower with ceiling bracket, dark graphite matt (26067al0); 12. grohe power&soul hand shower, 130 mm, (4 jet modes), dark graphite matte (27672al0) for shower sets (rods), you can adjust the position of the watering can in any direction. : 1. copy and place the shower set in your scene; 2. copy and place it in your scene; 3. the model needs to be ungrouped; 4. click on the watering can or bar, move it in the desired direction. in this case the hose will smoothly change its position following the rod with the watering can; 5. if you are satisfied with the height of the watering can, go to point number 6. if you need to raise or lower the watering can, you must also click on the watering can, unpack it again and then move it up or down; 6. after all the manipulations done, you can translate the model into editable poly. 7. if the hoses do not match the faucets when adding the model to your scene, you need to resave the scene to your version. you can simply disable the reset xform modifier if you are not going to move the hose. move the watering can within reasonable limits, because the mesh is stretched and the hose loses its shape. you can also change the glossy colors to matte, for this you need to go to the material editor" pipette " to select the desired color on the sphere. next, multi/sub object parameters will open and change id #1 and # 2 in places. i.e., instead of 1, put 2 and for place 2, put 1. and apply this color to the mixer you are interested in. vray version 3.20.03 corona version 1.7 polys: 577659 verts: 631733 stage organization: - all objects are assigned names in the scene; - real world size (system blocks - mm); - all previews are rendered in 3ds max vray; - the model is fully ready to use visualization in 3ds max + vray+corona.