GrabbyTheBot - UFO Catcher 3d model
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GrabbyTheBot - UFO Catcher

GrabbyTheBot - UFO Catcher

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 2 weeks ago
design this model based on UFO Catcher concept
the shape is the analogous with the UFO Catcher (claw crane-arcade game)
since it is UFO, i make the grabby more futuristic with the organic lines
the mascot grabs the ball that embossed with the word "GRABCAD"
why an UFO Catcher?
it's based on my experience in the GrabCAD when i'm looking for CAD model . . sometimes i got the over-expected model, sometimes i got nothing . . then i wish that this site can be always growing so whenever someone is looking for 3D model, he can find it easily
it's just like an UFO catcher, when you fills with lots of gifts, it will be easier to get one . . .

the model's dimension is 6.34 w x 5 d x 10.78 h (cm)
to make sure it can be printed, it can be found in Shapeways
and it fills the design guidelines that Shapeways offered
I make the thickness of this model about 2mm to make it strong enough and sustainable
to make it cheaper, the model have many artistic-holes which can be used to put the pencils or pens