glasses replacement Energie

by Thingiverse
so the leg (the spring really) of my glasses broke off and after 2 weeks of no replacement (no contact from the factory that made em, or so I'm told by my optician) I printed a replacement.
I know glasses have been printed before but I needed my lenses to fit in them so... yeah.
I did not add stand-offs for on the nose yet but I'm already wearing them so I figured I'd post it anyway
I intended to have printed hinges in the design but they have not come loose and would probably be a bit fragile if they do come loose so I'll have to change that a bit. for the next iteration.
I modelled the frame in solidworks with photo references, I modelled the holder for the glasses separately from the frame (as that was also a separate part in the original frame)
added in some support as the generated support is way more difficult to remove.
this frame is slightly less bulky than other frames I think as it was based on a metal frame not a plastic one.
I think we/someone should make something where you can put a vector-graphic of the glasses outline with perhaps a center point in and generate the glasses with some settings for width of face etc...