FX-61 Accessories by spinorkit 3d model
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FX-61 Accessories by spinorkit

FX-61 Accessories by spinorkit

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Some simple 3d printed parts I designed for my FX-61 flying wing.

A motor mount reinforcing part. I printed this in ABS and glued it inside the rather fragile looking stock motor mount.

A ring which fits on the spinner to prevent the folding prop from flying forwards and hitting the wing or motor surround during motor start-up. The ring is designed to fit this spinner: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17622__Folding_Prop_Spinner_38mm_4_0mm_shaft.html
Print this in nylon.
In addition, a piece of aluminium sheet prevents the blades crossing, which can result in them failing to open out when the motor starts.

An aerodynamic guard to protect the elevon servos and horns on landings, printed in PLA. I glued this onto the underside of the wing using hot melt glue.

A simple bracket for mounting the push button switch for the Pixhawk flight computer so that the button protrudes through a small hole in the cover.