FS2 Arducam WiFi Camera by Movil 3d model
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FS2 Arducam WiFi Camera by Movil

FS2 Arducam WiFi Camera by Movil

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This project is not anymore mantained
And it's repositories in github are archived and in read only mode.
As time went by, better cameras are in the maker scene, and I put my interest in another technologies as epaper displays. Please browse my other projects here on in Hackaday:https://hackaday.io/projects/hacker/335523
This project serves as a base to explore Arducam possibilities in combination with a WiFI "System on a Chip" such as ESP8266 to create a simple WiFi point-and-shoot digital camera. Is sponsored by our new project to render bitmaps over E-Ink from external API calls, please check it out: https://cale.es
Check instructions here:https://hackaday.io/project/162256-esp32-8266-wifi-instant-camera
We called it FS2 since it's the initial of my surname + team engineer. This project is intended mostly to learn about SPI Cameras and how to connect them to Espressif WiFi chips. It's a fully experimental project and not meant to be a digital camera replacement.
NEWS: ESP-32 Heltec with Oled (128x64)-> There is a new experimental case for an ESP32. We used Heltec ESP32 with Oled, you can check for HACKADAY instructions in the link below.
This is a work in progress and only schematics is provided, but it can work out of the box if you can connect 8 Serial Parallel Interface cables from the camera to a Wemos D1 or similar and upload the Arducam example.
There are more instructions and photos in Hackaday.io so if you like to build one show up to collaborate or if you need help. Please send bug reports or any enhancement directly to the FS2 Camera github repository issues.
UPDATE: There is a branch in Github for this for the ESP32. But the case is not yet adapted, so feel free to remix it and make it your own. I find it a bit small to fit one of this monster boards (Compared to small Wemos D1)
In FS2-back.stl there is a slight mesh issue, that I could not repair, hence I'm adding also the .blend in case someone wants to do the job ;)
It supports two different models of Arducam:
OV2640 with 2 Megapixels
OV5642 with 5 Megapixels (Beta already there)
UPDATE: FS3-top.stl is the top part of the case for the OV5642 5MP Camera
Please send me a quick message if you want to help and find time to repair the back mesh issue!
Schematics and more details
Fasarek.deHistory and posts about the project
Code source for ESP32:https://github.com/martinberlin/FS2/tree/board/esp32https://github.com/martinberlin/FS2/tree/board/esp32-oled (For boards with oled mini 128x64 monochrome display)
Limitations and known bugs
My C++ skills to make a POST request may not work sometimes, WiFi can be not stable, and also the ESP8266 "System on a chip" boards are not meant to upload an Elephant in the internet. So 1 of 20 pictures may fail and will fail.
But well is not so tragic. Just do not expect a super high resolution. And start with Arducam 2MP, before going any further.
Resolution in 2MP can be 1600x1200 jpeg, filesize anywhere between 50 and 100K.
That takes here with fast WiFi about 4 / 5 seconds and connected through a mobile hotspot some seconds more. This resolutions was so far the best in my tests because going higher, you get more resolution, but also a higher fail rate.
For a PHP upload endpoint please check the upload.php sample here:php-gallery