Formula 1 Car with 1/18 Motor by red112 3d model
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Formula 1 Car with 1/18 Motor by red112

Formula 1 Car with 1/18 Motor by red112

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UPDATE at bottom...
This is a remix to fit the TrackStar 1/18th Scale 12T Brushless power System (5050kv). The Pinion Gear and Wheel Axle Holder Right fit this motor. The Pinion Gear will require a M3 nut and M3 screw (either a screw with no head or a longer screw where the head will clear the motor mounts). I also added a M3 washer and M3 lock washer to secure it.
Ninja Flex tires - I had the best results with 2 perimeters and 2 top and bottom layers with 10 to 15% infill.
Printed the low profile rims( and tires ( to use less ninjaflex.
Printed reinforced remixes for both wings after I broke the originals (at 100% infill).
I recommend this micro sever (works great):
These are the 2 batteries I have (the 2s has plenty of power).
Turnigy 3300mAh 2S 30C Lipo Pack (I changed the Bullet-connector to the Female XT60 Connector):
Zippy Flightmax 2100mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack:
4/01/16 UPDATE: After a lot of testing of the new pinion gear with the 1/18 motor, I now believe the motor has to much torque and speed for the plastic pinion gear (especially since the motor shaft is a 2mm). The Pinion gear may not last very long. Also the gears provided are a mod 1 with a gear ratio of 2.86, which is a little to aggressive for this setup. I've decided to change the pinion gear to metal 16T, 0.5 mod, which I purchase here ( ). I designed a new spur gear (85T, 0.5 mod) to work with the new pinion gear. This gives a gear ratio of 5.3 which works great! Still lots of power!