FlagChip™ by Flagship 3d model
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FlagChip™ by Flagship

FlagChip™ by Flagship

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"Deadly Accuracy" - GamerHacker"Feckin' Unbelievable" - Peter @ShenmueGuru"7.8/10" - IGN"It's Crap [Scottish Slang Term for Good]" - Jibby from Jibmue"It's Cursed [with wonderment]" - Switch of PhantomRiverStone.com fame."Cease and Desist [me, this is awesome!]" - SEGA"Why would you need this? GIT GUD!" - Yu Suzuki"I swear by it!" - DigitalDuck"I always go big! ;-)" - Spaghetti"Incompatible at the Casino Night Zone" - SkillJim"It's a BS 50% RNG Simulator for [bleep]holes!" - Jeff @GiantBomb"Buh-buh-buh-BIG GUY BIIIIGGG GUUUUUUYYYYYY!!!" - ???
Increase your RNG chances in the hit video-game 'Shenmue 2' with the FlagChip™ Poker Chip, available for everyone to download and print at a 3D printer/local 3D printing service starting... today! crowd applause
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MS Paint Poster image produced and directed by Jibby
Product Name: Who was it again? (GamerHacker???)
Thank you! If RNG has a name, it must be... FlagChip™! Happy printing! :-)