Elasmotherium by 3DRivers model
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Elasmotherium by 3DRivers

Elasmotherium by 3DRivers

by TurboSquid
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This model is a part of Extinct animals collection. Elasmotherium ('Thin Plate Beast') was a genus of giant rhinoceros which stood, on average, 2 metres (6.6 ft) high and 6 metres (20 ft) long, with a single two-meter-long horn in the forehead. The animal may have weighed up to 5 tonnes (5.5 short tons).
All textures are original and unique. UW-mapping is optimized. The model materials and render adjustments of Vray can easily make a perfect visualization. Rendered in Vray. Vray & standart versions.

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