e-Drum pad mount 3d model
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e-Drum pad mount

e-Drum pad mount

by Thingiverse
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This mount part works for this design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2644566
Actually only for 8" and 10".
You can hold to pretty anything tubular from25 to 40mm.
I use 32mm diameter pipe with 5mm rubber sheet. Or 40mm diameter pipe with 1mm rubber sheet. I use PVC pipes, they're strong enough.
It uses this clamp, pretty cheap and easy to find.https://www.televes.com/es/mordaza-mastil-zincrpr-mordaza-para-mastil-o-25-45mm.htmlhttps://www.bricomart.es/mordaza-para-mastil-hasta-o45mm.htmlhttps://masvoltaje.com/soportes-y-mastiles-antena/417-brida-y-horquilla-m-6-x-170-mm-televes-2047-8424450020470.html