DREAMBOX: 3DPrint sunglasses for third world model
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DREAMBOX: 3DPrint sunglasses for third world

DREAMBOX: 3DPrint sunglasses for third world

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 6 months, 1 week ago
Introducing, Shark teeth, eye ware designed for the masses, a design with global appeal. The shark teeth are a one piece, thick and tough eye ware solution for third world nations. The Shark teeth offer complete wrap around protection for the eyes; the frame is .2" thick, it's built tough and durable, it can be twisted and bent without snapping. The lenses can easily be removed for cleaning, lense swapping or prescription upgrade. Shark teeth not only offer durability but style also, since the main users will be children and teens, it's important to offer an eye ware solution that offers some visual appeal, otherwise it will be quickly dis guarded. Shark teeth offer a sly, cool and unique look that will make any child feel like a super hero.

Designed using Solidworks NURBS software only. The frame system is 3D printable, passed shapeways.com initial print ability check.


The design is based around the world average for a child-teen sized head, 50cm circum.


W= 2.4"
thickness = .06"



Note: the smoothing and radius of the "toothed" feature on the arms can be easily edited to meet safety requirements. Currently has a small radius applied which should suffice.

thanks to XAMR for the male bust/head