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Dining Set 103

Dining Set 103

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Dining Set 103 produced by Design Connected | www.designconnected.com Every Design Connected Models Set is a curated selection of premium 3d models perfectly matched into a ready-to-use arrangement. Each include: Up to 30% discount from the list price of the models included. All 3d models arranged in a 3ds Max scene represented by the main model set's image. The models are set with V-Ray materials. No lighting, cameras and rendering setup is included. Exclusive 3d models like flowers and fancy accessories which are not otherwise available as a separate products in our catalog. Additional materials and variations of the catalog 3d models included. Refer to the particular set main image about what's included. All Design Connected 3d models sets are originally created in 3ds Max and V-Ray renderer. Files units are centimeters and all models are accurately scaled to represent real-life object's dimensions. Our 3d models sets come as editable mesh or poly objects (or as groups where necessary), properly named and positioned in one scene. No lights, cameras and render/scene setup are included unless otherwise stated in the particular model’s description. INCLUDED 3D MODELS: Casalino 2007-10 by Casala Meubelen Nederland Bandas Natural by Gandia Blasco Woodstock by Mio 28.19 Cluster by Bocci Pink Carnations and Candle Holder AVAILABLE FILE FORMATS Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 or above
-- VRay
-- Mental Ray
-- Scanline
Design Connected ID: 7294 BEFORE PURCHASE
We highly recommend that you download few of our FREE 3D MODELS and test if they work well with your 3d software before making a purchase. ABOUT THE IMAGERY
Previews rendered in 3dsMax using VRay. Please note that the studio scenes and light and environment settings are not included. SUPPORT
If you have any questions about how to use Design Connected 3d models, please contact us via Support. Thank you for purchasing Design Connected models set! dining casala meubelen nederland gandia blasco mio bocci set dinner table chair interior furniture home seating eating furniture chair dinner table dining chair dining table home interior